Ad Hoc Studios upgrades its Dolby Atmos studio with Dolby Vision

Ad Hoc Studios has completed a major update to its recently installed Dolby Atmos Studio 4  mixing stage, upgrading the screen to align the facilities with those of the main US and UK mix stages.

Dolby Vision delivers striking highlights, brilliant colors, and deep darks never before seen in the cinema or on standard television screens.

The HDR Revolution

Dolby Vision™ is advanced high dynamic range (HDR). A new capability in today’s cutting-edge televisions, HDR complements HD and UHD (4K) displays. Rather than increasing resolution, as 4K does, HDR focuses on the brightness, contrast, and color of the image. While these benefits have been talked about in the past, one look at a new HDR display reveals a powerfully enhanced TV image.

Dolby Vision display technology is leading the HDR revolution.

AdHoc Studios is Spain’s first post-production customer for LG OLED 4K Dolby Vision screen.

One of Madrid’s largest and most advanced post specialists, AdHoc offers audio mixing, editing, dubbing and sweetening services for a wide range of film, television, commercials and digital media industry clients.

“We wanted to be able to offer our customers, filmmakers, producers and sound professionals the optimum combination of image quality and sound together to achieve a flawless result. This is so the spectator can enjoy a true cinematic experience, with the sound quality of the film being as close as possible to the original envisaged during production” explains Javier Valdés, AdHoc Studios owner. “We carefully compared a lot of different tv screens solutions available in the industry, and it quickly became clear to us that LG OLED Dolby Vision Screen  simply delivered the very best on-screen image quality”.