Sound Recording

The largest and most comfortable rooms in Spain with enviable sound insulation for the best sound recording

  • Area 122 m2
  • Size: 317 m3
  • Screen  4,5m x 3m

2 expressly and carefully designed rooms for sound recording, dubbing, ADR, foley and music, providing the space and the indispensable absorption for the recording. Our technicians are highly trained to record with one or several microphones at same time. The accurate acoustic design allows to record in different rooms simultaneously without any difference in the registered sound quality. Rooms are connected on a secure LAN and can support any format, sampling frequency and bit depth. External connection via fiber optic through Source Connect.

    • HD Video Projector
    • Screen 4,5 x 3 m
    • Genelec multichannel monitoring
    • Microphones: Neumann, Shoeps, Seinheisser, Sanken, DPA, etc
    • Separate control room
    • Room Dimensions: Lenght 12,25m Weight 5,70m Hight 4,55m
    • Room 300m3