Post-production services

We offer auxiliary post-production services through our partner Blue Records. . More than 25 years of experience allow us to give the best advice on sound and film postproduction.

  • Advanced security system to protect your work in the study
  • Management of deliveries with selective systems of security and encryption.
  • Digital subtitling for cinema, TV, DVD, BR, VOD
  • Sound Recording and deliveries via digital transmission (Optic fiber, ISDN)
  • Remastering of analog mixes to the new multichannel formats.
  • Quality control and reinforcement for songs and effects.
  • Mastering in DCP, MOD and / or various video formats (HD Cam SR, HD Cam, Betacam D, Bluray, DVD, etc.).
  • Copies for DCP distribution
  • Generation of DKDM and KDM
  • Distribution of KDM
Post-production services